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Starting a Campaign with Superheroo Responsive Email Newsletter Template

Starting a campaign in MailChimp

As you know, in, we aim to provide highly customizable and easy-to-use email templates. In this short tutorial, you will learn how to start a campaign using Superheroo Responsive Email Newsletter Template for MailChimp.

Starting a campaign in MailChimp: the templates section.

Select a template in MailChimp

You can use this template in a campaign selecting it directly from “Templates” section, or during the normal campaing step-by-step process.

Step 1: Go to “Templates”, click on this template’s “Edit” dropdown menu, and select “Create Campaign”.

Starting a Campaign in MailChimp


Selecting a template in MailChimp

Step 2: Complete “Recipients” and “Setup” sections. Select the list you want send your email to, in the first screen, and complete all the options fields in the second one (campaign name, subject, from name and address, and so on…).

Starting a campaign in MailChimp

Just click Next in the “Setup” section

Going to the “Design” section in MailChimp

Step 3: MailChimp will guide you directly to “Design” section. If not, in “Template” section, just select “Saved templates”, and choose this template.

Important note: If you follow the normal campaing step-by-step process (via “Campaigns” section, and “Create campaign” – Regular campaign), in “Template” section, just select “Saved templates”, and choose this template.

Starting a campaign in MailChimp

The “Design” section in MailChimp

How to edit Superheroo Email Template

You should be now in “Design section”. Please read the next tutorial for further instructions: The Design Section in MailChimp – Using the blocks.

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