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How To Upload to MailChimp one of our Responsive Email Newsletter Templates

How to Upload to MailChimp

As you know, in, we aim to provide highly customizable and easy-to-use email templates. That’s why we offer our One-Minute-Installation Email Template Compromise.

How to upload this Email Template to MailChimp

Create a new template in MailChimp

Step 1: Go to “Templates” and click “Create Template”.

How to Upload a Template to MailChimp

Create template in MailChimp

Select “Code You Own”, and choose “Import Zip”.

How to Upload a Template to MailChimp

Just click Code your Own and Import .zip to MailChimp

Upload your template to MailChimp

Step 2: Give your template a name, and click “Browse” to select from your computer the .zip file you have just received – Note that you can also drag and drop the .zip file to this screen. Click “Upload”.

How to Upload a Template to MailChimp

Importing .zip to MailChimp

Just save your Email Template

Step 3: In the next screen, you will see a preview of the template (both Design and Code views). Just click “Save and Exit”, in the bottom right part of the screen.

How to Upload a Template to MailChimp

And that’s all!

You have successfully uploaded the template to MailChimp. You can find it in your “Templates” section.

How to Upload a Template to MailChimp

Your “Templates” section.

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Complete video tutorial

Download Superheroo Responsive Email Newsletter Template (for MailChimp)