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StreetGirls Fashion Complete for MailChimp

This template includes 17 different content blocks (see below full screenshot). Combine all these blocks to create impressive sales emails. All-purpose, very flexible and customizable template. 100% Responsive. 6 months support.


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StreetGirls Fashion is an awesome Responsive Email Sales Template for MailChimp. It is a Fluid Hybrid Email Template.

Premium Responsive Email Sales Template

This is an Ultra Responsive Email Template: it will adapt and resize smoothly to a wide number of devices and mail clients. Take a look at the screenshots (above and below)!

Email Template Content Blocks

StreetGirls Fashion has 17 different content blocks including:

  • Preheader
  • Header
  • Hero Image
  • Separator
  • Double Botton
  • Title, Text and Button
  • Full Width Image
  • Small Image Left
  • Small Image Right
  • Title and Text
  • Two Images with Texts and Buttons
  • Title and Button Left
  • Just Title
  • Three Images
  • Title, Text and Button Left
  • Social Media
  • Footer

You can combine all these blocks to create incredible emails. It’s an all-purpose, very flexible, customizable and highly configurable premium email template.

StreetGirls Fashion Premium Email Template

All the Features of this Email Template

StreetGirls Fashion specifications and features full list:

  • Responsive Email Design.
  • Complete HOWTO documentation and links to video tutorials (readme.txt)
  • 2 editable HTML files for multi-purpose uses (1 MailChimp-ready HTML + 1 All purpose inline CSS HTML).
  • Direct MailChimp integration (check our One-minute-installation compromise).
  • Various (up to 17) modules layout.
  • Infinite customizable Colors & Background.
  • Inline CSS.
  • TABLE Based structure.
  • All major email clients tested (Email On Acid and Litmus)
  • Easy to customize.

StreetGirls Fashion is completely customizable – you can create infinite Colors & Background variations.

Email Template Colors Backgrounds

Email Template compatibility tests

Email on Acid tested: StreetGirls has been widely tested for design and responsiveness with EOA. Compatible and consistent across all major web browsers, email clients, view ports and devices.

StreetGirls EOA Test

Litmus tested: StreetGirls has a solid table based design structure and has been tested for design and responsiveness also with Litmus.

In detail, full compatibility with:

  • Desktop Clients: Apple Mail 8, Apple Mail 9, Thunderbird, Outlook 2011.
  • Mobile devices: Android 4.x, Android 5.x, Gmail App iOS 7, iPad 2, iPad Air, iPad Retina, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPone 6+,
  • Webmail Clients: AOL, Gmail, Google Apps, Office 365, and Yahoo! (all tested in Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE11 and Safari).

Minor alignment, Google fonts or background issues in other Outlook versions. Not compatible with Lotus Notes and Outlook 2003.

In addition, is 100% MailChimp ready.

*Note: Please note that the preview images are not included in the main download files. You should use your own images when editing. Thanks for your understanding. Preview photos from

Complete Template

Responsive Email Sales Template

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A complete video tutorial. Follow this step-by-step guide to know how to use this incredible Email template.

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