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How to Create an Email Campaign in Mailchimp – Complete Tutorial

Mailchimp Styling Templates

Hello! We have just finished an incredibly complete step-by-step video tutorial: how to create an email campaign in Mailchimp. We are right now uploading it to YouTube in order you can enjoy it in our channel, but you can find it below (scroll down for a complete summary of the content).

How to create an Email campaign in Mailchimp in three easy steps

In this video you will find how to upload a template to MailChimp (in this case, our Superheroo Email Newsletter template), how to set up a campaing, and we will see in detail how to duplicate block contents, rearrange them, edit texts and images, and also change colors and fonts.

Uploading the Email template to MailChimp

First of all, we will show you how, from Templates section, you can import the zip file to Mailchimp. It’s really easy: you have just to select the name of your template, and browse your computer for the zip file. After that, you will learn how to use this template to start a campaign.

Mailchimp Content Blocks

Customize your Email Template in MailChimp

The most interesting part of the video will be for sure the Design section management. You will learn how to duplicate block contents, how to choose from all the existing blocks, and how to rearrange them.

In the video you will see also how to edit the template texts and images (upload images to MailChimp has never been so clear), how to include links…

Mailchimp Uploading Images

Mailchimp Edit Link

Complete Email template re-styling

In the final part, it will be shown how to change completely the template styling: select the most suitable colors and fonts. You can change not only the background color, but also the header, footer and buttons colors, the font and weight of the different elements, and many things more.

Mailchimp Styling Templates

In the end, you will see how to customize completely Superheroo Email template and make it appear completely different. As you can see in this tutorial, it’s really a great template… you can adapt it to suit all your needs…

Finished Email Campaign

Download Superheroo Responsive Email Newsletter Template (for MailChimp)