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Why buy email templates in Email Templates 999?

Why buy email templates in Email Templates 999?

You’re probably wondering why to buy email templates in Email Templates 999. There are many other sites where it is possible to buy email templates, (surely you know Themeforest) or even download free marketing email templates.

However, there is a clear number of advantages that makes Email Templates 999 a great option to download premium email templates. We offer you up to 5 different reasons to buy Email Templates 999 email templates.

1) They are specifically designed for MailChimp

Buy Email TemplatesIn the rest of sites you will find templates that you can use in MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, MailRelay… all of them…

But how many email marketing tool are you using? Just one!

Why do you want a template that you can use in different services if you are going to use it in only one of them? This flexibility is just adding unnecessary files to your download and only complicate your job.

In Email Templates 999 every template is designed and prepared specifically for a unique and specific email marketing tool. And that is why they are cheaper and simpler that in anywhere else, which leads us to the second and third point.

2) Are cheaper than at any other site

Our idea is to make simple templates that can be used in leading email marketing tools, easily customizable and very very cheap.

We are continually monitoring email marketing templates prices in other websites and simplifying everything possible to provide the cheapest option all over Internet.

We are not including extra options you don’t need (versions for other platforms, PSD files, access to complex builders, etc.) and that makes possible that we can offer you the best prices in the market.

3) They are very easy to use

The main objective of our templates is that you can install them, in MailChimp for example, in less than a minute. The learning curve is incredibly small.

Buy Email TemplatesOur system of drag & drop blocks makes possible to easily edit texts, change images, duplicate blocks of content, reorganize them, etc. using MailChimp usual campaign creator tool, with which you are no doubt familiar.

In addition, we have noted that in other templates it is not possible to duplicate blocks or rearrange them, and know HTML is required to do so.

Our commitment is that you can install the template and start working in less than a minute, without any HTML skills, or having to learn how to use an additional external builder.

4) They have a professional and nice design, are 100% customizable, and have been tested on mobile devices

We are not satisfied with simply making cheap and easy of use email marketing templates for MailChimp. We also note that the image is very important for your company or project, and we strive to achieve a top aesthetic.

We make templates that take into account multiple cases and prepare templates with various blocks (you can see lots of examples here). We understand that you have specific communication needs and we try to create really complete templates (multiple images, different content organization, etc.)

Buy Email Templates

5) We provide specialized support

When you download a free template nobody helps you with the setup and customization, right? That is the key of free templates: is possible to access them in a simple way, but when you start with one of them, you are completely alone. And that’s one of the reasons why these email marketing templates are free… On the other hand, we are continuously preparing videos and tutorials, that will allow you to make the most of these email marketing templates.

For a very competitive price, you’ll enjoy full access to all our explanatory videos and direct support from our team.

Check one of our videos! In this one, How to upload an Email Template to MailChimp.